Over the past few days, some of our users have experienced a known error code with award-winning BIOS beeps. This issue occurs due to several factors. Now let’s discuss some of them.

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    Assigning BIOS beep codes Indicates that a video error has occurred and some type of BIOS is unable to initialize the video to display additional information. one long, 3 short beeps. Video card with unrecognized bitrate (reinstall video card) and/or faulty video card. Repeated beeps at the optimal frequency during PC operation.

    AwardBIOS is a variation of BIOS by Award Software Inc., owned by Phoenix Technologies since ’98. Many well-known manufacturers of motherboards use AwardBIOS. in their systems.

    Other motherboard manufacturers have developed their own BIOS software built on top of the AwardBIOS system. Beep codes AwardBIOS-based BIOSes may very well be the same as AwardBIOS software beep codes (see below), or people may differ slightly. You should always refer to your motherboard manual to be sure.

    Andrew Brooks/Photo

    AwardBIOS getty beep beeps in quick succession and usually immediately after this PC is turned on.

    1 Short Signal

    One short beep was actually always a warning that all systems were cleared. In other words, this is the correct beep code that you will want to hear and will probably check every time your computer has followed it since the day you Bought this box. No troubleshooting required!

    Very Long Beep, 2 Short Beeps

    What is Award BIOS beep code 1 long beep mean?

    1 long or several short beeps A long beep converted into three short ones only means that the video card is not measured or the video card memory is bad. Reinstalling or replacing the video card will usually fix the cause of this problem.th reward beep.

    What does BIOS beep sound mean?

    Several very short beeps of the BIOS itself at startup when reading a disk, cache or processor error. View the inventory of BIOS and POST cards. 1 beep – update error. Reinstall/replace memory, troubleshoot motherboard.

    A long beep followed by several short beeps means that an error has occurred while using the video card.

    You may have had to reinstall your graphics card, or incorrectly connected a larger monitor cable. Replacing the graphics card is usually the only way to resolve this issue.

    Distinct Long Beep, 3 Short Beeps

    One long beep followed by two or three short beeps means that not all video cards are installed or the video card memory is generally bad. Re-inserting or replacing the credit card video will usually eliminate the source of this reward beep code.

    1 High Signal, First Low Signal (repeated)

    A repeated high/low beep indicates a problem with the CPU design. It can overheat or fail in different ways.

    1 High Beep (repeated)

    What are the beep codes for Award BIOS?

    AWARD Bios beep codes Below are beep codes for general BIOS diagnostics on various motherboards. 1 short beep – the system boots successfully. 2 short beeps – CMOS setting error.

    One high repetitive soundoh signal means CPU overheating. You have to figure out why it’s incredibly hot before this beep goes off.

    Shut down your computer immediately when you hear the beep of this law. The longer your processor heats up, the more likely it is that this costly part of your system will be permanently damaged.

    All Other Sound Codes

    award bios beep signals

    Several other beep codes you hear indicate that there is some kind of memory problem. Replacing RAM is all you need to do to fix this problem.

    Not Using AwardBIOS Or Not Sure?

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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Open the software and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Restore" to start the restoration process

  • If you are not using an award-based BIOS, the above troubleshooting guides will not help you. To view troubleshooting information for other types of BIOS systems, or to find out what type of BIOS you have, check out our Troubleshooting Codes.


    With the exception of Dell Macs, the manufacturer of the computer or motherboard does not have to be the manufacturer of the BIOS. Find the BIOS manufacturer for your motherboard, and then select the appropriate link below to view the beep value.

    award bios beep signals

    Reward BIOS beep codes:


    Error Message


    1 long, 1 short

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