If you keep restarting my computer before the BIOS appears on your system, I hope this guide will help you resolve the issue.

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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
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  • Step 3: Click "Restore" to start the restoration process
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    Is your trusted computer stuck in a constant machine loop? it will automatically reload before posting BIOS level or no BIOS screen at all? Well, read on and see if our troubleshooting settings can fix the issue. Keep in mind that the issue we discuss below is completely unrelated to the windows restart loop due to The marketing error message does not address or resolve the issue. The following are typical symptoms that you will notice. Read this article to find out if 10 windows are stuck on reboot

    PC keeps restarting

    How do you fix PC keeps restarting by itself?

    1 If necessary, start the relevant PC in safe mode.2 Disable automatic restart.3 Disable fast startup.4 Uninstall the latest updates.5 Uninstall recently installed applications.6 Disable unnecessary peripherals.7 Revert Windows to a previous great system restore point.

    Computer computer/operates satisfactorily until unexpected or scheduled restart=”urn :local -text-annotation-xmenfeut9ino1xtwmlnaqr0fnxt88liq”>Start your computer/PC, it also starts and shuts down after 2-5 seconds

  • No BIOS beep
  • BIOS screen not showing
  • F2/ECS/DEL key, also known as BIOS Setup or BOOT-Top-Keyboard shortcuts not working
  • Recently updated Your computer’s RAM
  • PC Stable Reboot Loop
  • Fix PC Stuck Due To Reboot Loop

    The steps below are in no particular order, so try to keep an up-to-date note of any changes you notice when you cycle restart your PC, and then keep digging into the root cause and disable the hardware causing my problem

    my pc keeps restarting before bios

    We would also like to clarify that the following troubleshooting steps will help you avoid using components from your Id=”urn:local-text-annotation-6zxxkamk4g9a911ddc9l7cdtbt5u0gsk3″>pc/computer, so only proceed if you absolutely agree and know exactly what to do. If you’re unsure, seek help from experienced poker hands.

    Troubleshooting/Fix Computer Reboot Loop

    Why does my computer keep restarting to BIOS?

    If your computer keeps booting into the BIOS, the problem may simply be caused by an incorrect boot order. Just check if BIOS 1 has a suitable boot device. When you find it, you usually set the hard drive as your primary boot method. Check several times if the hard drive is properly connected and works on another PC.

    1. Clear CMOS Button

    On the back of the motherboard you will find a small blue button that is used to clear BIOS data. Clicking this little button may fix Id=”urn:local-text-annotation-6z283b2oypt0atuv7m2tlgsw4kyz7mkv”>machine restart loop or other hardware compatibility issues. The “Clear CMOS” button is for clearing your BIOS and resetting it to factory locks to get the motherboard out of the box. This sometimes caused almost all BIOS changes/modifications to be lost. If your computer boots correctly, you may also need to reconfigure the BIOS to suit your needs

    The Clear CMOS button is not available on the main motherboard. Then read BIOS battery removal steps in ra

    2. Remove The CMOS Battery.

    Can BIOS cause reboots?

    Check your enthusiasts, BIOS usually shuts down or reboots completely when a fan error is detected. Normally the failure should be nothing more than a fan and not running at minimum speed.

    If Clear CMOS doesn’t work for you for some reason, maybe your motherboard doesn’t have this change, then removing the CMOS battery will do the job for you. But be sure to remove the battery, but don’t insert it yet. It is best to wait about 10-15 minutes before connecting the battery itself. Also, when removing the CMOS power supply, be sure to completely disconnect one power supply from the main power supply to completely drain the pending power.

    3. Remove RAM / Replace RAM With Another Slot / Use RAM Keys.


    Hurry has been the main reason for the reload loop for many. You should try this immediately after troubleshooting.

    1. Remove all RAM and finally try your PC.
    2. Try your once ram bar in row RAM slots.
    3. Follow the same step, just replacing all RAM modules with different insert slots random access memory. .
    4. Use the unique RAM kit or borrow it from a friend to test it out.

    If you notice an improvement or change related to the restart loop, it may mean that


    4. Broken GPU – Video Card

    Graphic cardRAMRun

    Quick and Easy PC Repair

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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Open the software and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Restore" to start the restoration process

  • system. If you have a free PSI-Express slot, try inserting a GPU card into that slot and test as well


    Your system. Often GPUs are notcause the cycle to restart. But it would be nice to verify this by working at the very minimum of the system


    5. Blow Off The Dust With A Blower.

    In our case, it turned out that dust was deposited on the motherboard, which caused an endless system loop. All these problems are often faced by people living in places with high air pollution, when dust accumulates on an open or finished case, fans sway, both around the radiator and around the motherboard. In some cases, dust particles can also act as a conductor, causing short circuits on motherboard surfaces and a reboot loop.

    Use a spinning fan or a vacuum or compressed air tube to force air directly onto the motherboard and remove dust. Under no circumstances should you try to blow air into your mouth, as a small drop of saliva will float to the surface and permanently damage the motherboard.

    6. Remove Processor, Reapply New Thermal Paste/paste.

    During the remaining time of applying thermal paste, the processor can dry out, making it difficult to regulate the temperature of the processor even at the best

    my pc keeps restarting before bios

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