In this blog post, we will discover some possible causes that might cause pso2 error code 249 and then I will provide possible repair methods that you can try to solve this problem.

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    Error code 249 is Sega’s failed attempt to report that PSO2 is currently in maintenance. This code appears as part of regular scheduled maintenance or an urgent need to take the game offline due to unscheduled maintenance.

    Some Phantasy Star Online 2 players often report that they constantly get error code 249 when they try to log into the game with their account. This issue is almost entirely reported in Windows 10.

    PSO2 error 249

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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Open the software and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Restore" to start the restoration process

  • After looking into these issues thoroughly, it seems that there are fairly common causes that cause these errors to occur on a Windows 10 computer. Here is a short list of potential culprits:

    Is PSO2 ng a new game?

    New Genesis takes place several decades after the current MMO 1000. It’s a complete reimagining – with a bit more RPG action in a massive open world full of monsters to outsmart. PSO2:NG will release after scheduled maintenance on June 7th and will be available on Windows 10, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

    Experts say that you know all the possible causes that can cause this error, here is a list of fixed issues that will help you diagnose error 249:

    Check If The Main Server Is Serviced

    Where is the class consultant PSO2?

    If you don’t like the later Braver, you can change your class with the Class Consultant switch (center right, connected to the main loft, behind the research switch, left). You can evenDo not add class/skill trees to the larger ones in your main selection. OSP 2 is flexible.

    Ifyou encounter PSO2 error 249 during this particular connection process, the first thing a person should do is check the location of the server. In most cases, you will encounter errors because the server is under maintenance.

    Fortunately, you can check the server maintenance schedule or in case of general server issues on the official PSO2 website. To do this, call the server information page.

    PSO2 Scheduled Maintenance
    pso2 error code 249

    If your company detects that the server is under maintenance, please wait a while before continuing to check to see if the server is still overloaded due to the same situation.

    If you increase theIf the error is not actually caused by scheduled maintenance or issues with individual servers, proceed to the next method below.

    Disable Third-party AV Interference

    According to several affected users, this unique error can also occur due to overly cautious third-party antivirus software blocking the connections required for online gaming.

    If you’re running a 3rd party package that tends to be overly conservative (you’ll find similar issues with other multiplayer games), such and such a scenario seems applicable, this issue should be addressed with this real-time protection. by AV Disable third party package.

    pso2 error code 249

    Most third-party packages allow you to disable them directly from the system tray icon. Right-click on the access icon and look for a system that allows you to disable someone’s real-time protection.

    < figcaption>Disable antivirus for third marriage

    Important: Be aware that if your other side’s antivirus suite comes with this simple firewall, it’s possible that even after disabling antivirus-specific security rules, you’ll end up following the same specific rules – if that’s the case to the point, the only way to fix this situational error is to completely uninstall AV Hotel Room and delete all remaining files.

    Will PSO2 NGS be free?

    Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is now free to help you play on PC and Xbox One – Games Press.

    If someone isn’t using an antivirus suite, or if this method didn’t resolve your pso2 error 249, move on to the next method in this article.

    Delete GameGuard Folder

    GameGuard is an anti-cheat rootkit that only obfuscates the gameplay, monitors worker processes, and aims to ensure that none of your procedures interfere with the process it has always watched.

    But as many users have seen, this important anti-cheat module can also be wary because it callslooks for patterns in error 249 due to a bug rooted in the GameGuard engine. Luckily, PSO2 Tweaker has an option that solves this particular gameguard issue.

    Follow the second step to learn how to troubleshoot GameGuard:

    1. Open the PSO2 Tweaker utility. If you haven’t installed it on your PC yet, go to the respective official download page here and follow the official instructions to help you download and install.
    2. After that, find the “Troubleshoot” button on the left and click it.
      Accessing the troubleshooting button
    3. If the Troubleshoot menu is displayed on the current screen, find the “Repair GameGuard” button and click it.
      Gameguard button fixed
    4. After that, a special message will appear on this screen asking you to frequently disable a third-party package if you use it. Make sure it can be disabled, then click OK.
      Fix GameGuard issues
    5. Another response will appear on your computer screen asking for your permission. Click OK to start troubleshooting.
      Fixing your PSO2 permissions
    6. After completing the troubleshooting task, restart Once Business and see if error 249 is now resolved.

  • The server is also under maintenance. As many affected users have confirmed, this actual error may occur because the host is undergoing scheduled maintenance or the actual developers are in the middle of this period to mitigate a period of unexpected unavailability. As a rule, PSO2 developers announce on the company’s official website when scheduled maintenance is approaching and it may last.
  • What do you need to run PSO2?

    Requires a 64-bit processor as well as an operating system.Operating system: Windows 10 64 bit.Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-4150.Memory: 8GB RAM.Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® GT430.DirectX: version 11.Network: Broadband Internet connection.Storage: 103 GB of free space.

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