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    World Connected Warcraft Lacks OpenGL, Since Version 7.3.5

    This article hurt him by pointing out the similarities that point to running World in Warcraft with Wine on Linux.
    Important to remember: ALWAYS make sure you are using the latest version of Wine and the latest video card drivers. If you don’t run into bugs that have been fixed in newer versions, you’re in luck.

    Wine Error Messages

    err:module:import_dll Library OPENGL32.dll

    You will get the following error when you run it:
     err:module:import_dll OPENGL32.dll (often required by L"C:Program Files/World of Warcraft/wow.Not exe") encountered err:module:LdrInitializeThunk while initializing main executable as L"C: / Program Files/World of Warcraft/wow.Failed,exe" status c0000135
    Solution. Ensure that /usr/local/lib/wine/ grants ownership of root:root and read/write -rwxr- xr - x , otherwise you and your family cannot become superuser after running “make install“; Become superuser and run the “formulate install” command again as is indicated in each practice guide. Don’t just change the owner/permissions for opengl32.dll as many other files are probably wrong, so do the install.
    IMPORTANT: When following the “make install” steps to create Wine from source, ensure that the following is included in the first step in this guide: sudo . /configure --enable-opengl If you actually missed this tiny part of the whole process, OpenGL, which includes Wine, won’t install and WoW won’t move, throwing the same error as above, you need to to remove Wine and start the process over.

    err:module: Attach_process_dlls "opengl32.dll" Error, You Can Initialize, Abort

    You will get the following error when you run it:

    wow wine troubleshooting

    err:module:attach_process_dlls "opengl32.dll" cannot guarantee they have been initialized, Main will aborterr:module:LdrInitializeThunk exe initialization failed for L"C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftWow.exe", location c0000005
    It seems to be for this errorthere are arguments. If /tmp is indeed mounted without execute permissions, remount home with execute permissions: sudo mount -u remount,exec,suid /tmp If that definitely doesn’t work or isn’t applicable, mount it. 64-bit Linux, make sure you also have the 32-bit compatibility drivers installed. If you’re still lucky, update your graphics drivers.


    At the time of this writing (WoW 4.3, Wine Bottle 1.3.33 and some earlier), the actual WoW launcher and background loader crash if peer-to-peer data collection is enabled and both start a new one. You need to download the update. Ironically, the main launcher settings window doesn’t work properly in Wine either, so to fix this, just open the airport terminal and type:

    wine reg add "HKCUSoftwareBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Downloader" /v "Disable peering" /t REG_DWORD /d "1" /f

    wow wine troubleshooting

    You can also do this the hard way by running BackgroundDownloader.exe into your world from any Warcraft installation directory and quickly entering the view settings menu. Turn off peer-to-peerPeer and do not enable Throttlem, then click OK. Then you will probably let the background downloader continue downloading, or you will have to permanently close the background downloader and reopen the launcher and the download won’t fail either.

    Please note that on the account management page, the WoW installer requires the launcher to download all connected game clients, in addition to the basic steps required to launch the launcher. So, if you’re installing WoW for the first time, expect the launcher to crash (as this post suggests), so you’ll probably have to use the background loader to change the settings.

    Main Summary:
    Some modifications can be made without manipulating the WoW installation’s These optimizations change how WoW works and in some cases can lead to performance degradation.
    See See also:



    Ubuntu 10.10

    In Ubuntu 10.10 and some newer distributions, changes to the behavior of the systemptrace calls break Wine applications, including WoW. To do this, edit the file /etc/sysctl.d/10-ptrace.conf and replace the last line


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  • kernel.yama.ptrace_scope means 1

    How do I install WoW on Ubuntu?

    To try out WoW, open the package menu, search for “” and click on it. From there, tap “World of Warcraft” on the app, then select one of the “Play” buttons to launch that particular game. Alternatively, you can run World of Warcraft on Linux by simply opening Lutris and clicking Wine in the sidebar.

    Then restart the system.


    Check Winecfg

    Does WoW work on Wine?

    Wine is a great freeware application that aims to allow Unix-like x86 operating systems to run Microsoft Windows-ready programs. It is not officially supported for World of Warcraft, and users occasionally violate Blizzard Entertainment policies that enable it.

    If you’re experiencing stuttering, poor sound, or no sound at all, there are a few things you should try to get started with winecfg. Just type winecfg in the appropriate terminal, press Enter, and the winecfg window should often appear. Click the person’s Audio tab. Similarly, the PA system is preferred.
    Also see the full voice chat section to learn how to use multiple audio streams (as opposed to a program using audio at the same time) with OSS or ALSA. This will save you some heartache if your company wants to chat or meditate with music through Ventrilo or Teamspeak while you play.
    You can also configure the tick emulation driver. Be sure to uninstall it if it doesn’t work.
    If you set Windows emulation to Windows Vista or Windows 7, you still won’t hear a sound when you try to set it to XP (or minimized if that doesn’t work. However, XP should be even safer if you want to try other settings ). Pulse audio

    Use With Wine

    If your personal distribution uses PulseAudio, you must use the PulseAudio OSS wrapper. To do this, open the terminal of the gaming system and enter:

    Can I play World of Warcraft on Linux?

    While it’s true that World of Warcraft doesn’t support Linux, it’s been playable on Linux for years thanks to the Wine compatibility layer, but it seems that now even getting to grips with add-ons is a breeze.

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